22 Dec

Once again, NORAD and Microsoft work together to give the best experience for people to track down Santa Claus. It has been the third year in a row, NORAD chooses Microsoft as its partner.  Before, Google was the one who helped NORAD with tracking by using Google Maps and Google Earth every Christmas Eve.  Because Google doesn’t work together again with NORAD, Google has decided to build its own Google Santa’s Village.

NORAD’s Santa tracking shows you a village on North Pole which is Santa Village. Upon arriving at Santa Village, you can see 5 buildings: Theater, Library, Music, Arcade and Gift Shop. Besides buildings, you can see 3 elves if you look carefully. Where are those elves? One elf is playing trumpet on the Library roof, one is building snowman and the last one is skating.

Its looks a little bit deserted if you compare NORAD Santa’s Village with Google Santa’s Village.  Well, it’s because of Santa’s request. Santa wants to hide his toy factory because it will not be a surprise anymore if you know what Santa has prepared for your Christmas. Santa only wants to show these 5 buildings for you.

To make sure, you aren’t disappointed, NORAD Santa’s Village has prepared many awesome Christmas games on Arcade. Every day, NORAD will unlock a new game which you can try. For now, you can play cookie crunch, pack the prize, cake tower, run panda run and many more.

For Music, NORAD wants you to know and learn about Santa’s Favorite Songs. There are more 20 Santa’s Favorite Songs that you can play by using PC or Mobile.  You can access NORAD Santa’s Village by using PC, Window, Android and iOS mobile at http://www.noradsanta.org/.

For parents, you can teach your children about Santa by using Library. In the Library, you will learn that Santa is real and alive. Well, you can trust NORAD because it has tracked Santa for more than 50 years.  All of these years, NORAD have collected all information about Santa including Santa’s Sleigh.  And if you curious with other countries’ Christmas tradition, NORAD also provides you with the list of all holiday tradition from around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Santa’s Village and do counting down together with NORAD. DGtraffic wishes you and your family a Happy and Wonderful Holiday. 

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