11 Nov

A good landing page can give a good experience for visitors. If you don’t have a good landing page you must improve it. The problem is How to improve your landing page? You are very lucky because Google has already gave us some clues how to do it on support.google.com. They are:


  • Content must be relevant, useful, fresh and original
  • Promote transparency (explain your product or service clearly) to show that you can be trusted
  • Make sure visitors can navigate through your site easily
  • Encourage visitors to spend more time on your site


These clues, of course are very helpful but there is a problem here, how can you encourage visitors to spend their precious time on your site? Well, you can create interesting content or game. However first of all, you must make sure loading time of your site is good.

Is loading time important? The answer is “YES”. If your site takes too long time to load, most of visitors will likely gave up and leave your site. If more and more visitors leave your site because of your loading time problem, it will give bad remarks to your website and Google will mark your website as a bad website.  So now you know that slow loading time is a big problem.

How to Decrease Landing Page’s Loading Time?

There are several steps that you can use to decrease the loading time of your landing page, they are:


  • Reduce your CSS, JavaScript and image. How to reduce them? You can compress them. For CSS and JavaScript, you can find some online tools to do it. Usually, these tools will delete unnecessary whitespace of your site.
  • It’s better not to use too many frame and Ajax. They take a lot of time to load.
  • Save image in JPEG. Many people think PNG is the right choice but turn out JPEG is better. If you don’t believe it, try doing some testing.
  • Make sure there are only several error and warning in script of your site. You can use W3C Standard Validator to exam your site. See the result of the analysis and fix it.
  • Give image size information for each image on your site. It seems not important but believe it or not, it can reduce the loading time.

Besides landing page, you also need to decrease your site’s loading time because Google has obsession with quick loading time. Stay tuned with DGtraffic to know why Google loves a quick loading time.

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