19 Jul


Since 2008, Google has decided that a good landing page must have a good quality score. What is quality score? Quality score is a score of how relevant your ads, keywords and content of landing page for your audiences. Besides that, Google also has determined that load page also influence the keyword quality score.

Reasons Why Load Time Are Important

Landing pages’ keywords that take too much time to load may get lower quality score so it will have higher minimum bids. A page that takes lots of time to load will not only get low quality score but also will be abandoned by users. Users will not waste their time for waiting the page to load; they will choose others that can give information to them faster.

Load page is important based on Google Philosophies, “Fast is better than slow”. Time is important and the founder of Google, Larry and Sergey knew it so well. Now, Google applies this philosophy for Google AdWords ads’ landing page. If a user clicks Google AdWords ads or landing page that have has slow load page, it will provide a bad user experience; Google really wants to avoid that.

Improve the Load Time

How do you investigate the load time of a landing page? It needs a Google AdWords system to do the evaluation. For more information you can ask DGtraffic’s landing page team that has many experiences for making high quality score landing page. You also can consult your load time with our Google AdWords team.


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