15 May

Nowadays, mobile phone is used not only for calling and messaging. The ever changing progression on mobile technology allow you to do a myriad of things; you can surf on the internet, chat and shop. This is a new chance for businessman or business owner to use mobile as one of their sales tools. 

To optimize your sales through mobile, you have to create separated landing page for mobile. Mobile has a small screen which has to be developed and optimized separately from the desktop ones. You should decide what section or part which you want your web visitors focus on. The section that you pick will be better if it is made into landing page so web visitors can really pay attention to something that is essentials.

What are the important factors for mobile’ landing page?

  • Text must be readable. If you have a great website, product and service but people cannot read and see them clearly because the landing page is not compatible with mobile, then it will be no use. You will only waste your money on that because they will not buy anything if they do not well informed of what they are going to buy. Make sure your mobile landing page can be seen and read although internet users use small size mobile screen.
  • Simple call to action is very important. Your computer landing page can have as many as call to action you want but in mobile, you only can put one or two. That is why you need to put a simple and direct call to action. And make sure, your visitors understand the call to action.
  • A Great website will be a waste if no one knows about it. That is why you must promote your landing page so mobile users know about your brand and landing page. One way to promote in mobile is using Mobile Ads. Mobile Ads are advertisings that appear only on mobile devices to grab mobile user markets.

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