10 Sep

In the past social media was mostly only used to promote website’s or blog’s contents. It’s usually used by blogger and SEO to increase readers or traffics.  So it was not weird if most of blogger and SEO had many social media platforms. The most famous platforms that were used for blogger and SEO were Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

But now, the trend has changed. Social media marketing has become so important. Its portion has grown bigger and bigger every day.  It is because almost every people in the world are communicating to each other, sharing and searching information through social media. It has become a very important place in online world. That is why we can use it to optimize our website or blog. By sharing your website’s or blog’s link to it, you can increase your website ranking in search engines results. That is why some social media marketing focusing to increase brand awareness in social media platforms. It does not focus to create backlinks or increase the position on search engines results.

There are at least 5 social media websites that have big impact

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Delicious
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus

Some of them are mostly used to increase brand awareness. By increase the brand awareness, you can increase the trust of internet users. The trust can influence your sales. Besides that, there are other functions like:

  • It can be used for customer services platform where consumers can complain and ask question. A good customer service will increase the trust
  • Reduce cost for customer service
  • Help retain customers
  • Instrument that can aid sales team
  • Platform where consumers can communicate with each other

But keep in your mind, only using social media marketing won’t increase your online sales drastically. For a better result, it must be combined with Google AdWords and SEO. It is the true integration of online digital marketing. For more information about social media as the new marketing strategy,and how can we combine Google AdWords and SEO, you can give us a call. We, DGtraffic will gladly to help you.

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