24 Jun

Google engage is a new special program launched by Google for Google AdWords partners. This program consists of phone support, online training and webinars. Google Engage team wishes that this program can help Google AdWords partners grow better and expert in using Google AdWords to help their clients.

To know the progress of Google AdWords partners’ growths, Google Engage team has launched a challenge held every 3 months. This challenge is called “REV UP CHALLENGE” started in early 2012. Every Google AdWords partner can join this challenge.

DGtraffic as Indonesia‘s First Google Advertising Certified Partner decided to join this competition. The Second Rev Up Challenge was the beginning. Surprisingly, DGtraffic won the second quarter of Rev Up Challenge on its first try.  Until know, DGtraffic has participated in 4 Rev Up Challenges and gotten into the first position for every challenge.  

As one of the participants of Google Engage and Rev Up Challenge, DGtraffic was asked give a testimonial about Google Engage. Google Engage wants to know what participants’ thinking about the program. The representative of DGtraffic:

 David Christianto

David Christianto

DGtraffic Director of Production

The testimonial video making was handled by Click2View which is Social Video Marketing Agency in Singapore. The representatives of Click2View:

Priyanka Menon

Priyanka Menon  

Click2View Producer  

James Wygal

James Wygal (nickname Jim)

Click2View Director of Photography


The video be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m58yHamlLKY

From this, it can be said that Growth of DGtraffic has already gotten knowledge by Google Engage It’s all thanks DGtraffic AdWords Team that have worked hard to deliver the best for clients. And Thanks to every DGtraffic clients that have trusted DGtraffic to run their Google AdWords campaigns. This is only the start, DGtraffic will surely growth more.

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