30 May

Indonesia had population around 248.645.008 people on June 30th 2012. Although Indonesia had more population rather than Germany, Russian, Brazil and Japan; the population of Indonesia’s Internet Users was lower than those countries. From Internet World Stats data, we can see that Indonesia was ranked 8th from 20 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users.

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On 2000, Indonesia had only 2.000.000 netizen. After twelve years, netizen in Indonesia had increased to 55.000.000. It could be said that Indonesia’s Internet Users had multiplied drastically. Believe it or not, Indonesia internet users are more than 55.000.000 today. How can it grow so much? There are several reasons that could lead into that, such as:

  • Indonesia’s Internet network is evolving. Indonesia as developing country has provided time and place to develop its internet networking service so it could sustain more people.
  • The Indonesians are aware that internet is crucial. More and more Indonesians realize that internet can be used to support for their study, work and social life.
  • Internet network can be enjoyed by various circles of society. Now, it not only can be used by people in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. People in remote areas have already been given an access to use it

Not only Indonesia increases it position in “Top 20 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users” list, Indonesia is also known as one of countries that has high Facebook and Twitter users. It can be seen from Research of Internet Users for 2013.

The increasing amount of internet users in Indonesia indicated that online market in Indonesia is developing because more and more people decide to spend more of their time in internet. It is a new chance for businessman or business owner to set their sight to internet as their new target market.  Today, being online is important.

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