15 May

At first, AdWords’ terms and conditions are created to make sure that Google AdWords users understand about the payment process, policy, cancellation, liability and dispute resolution of AdWords so there will be no terms of misunderstanding in the future. It may change if Google AdWords team sees it necessary to be amended.

On 9th May 2013, Google had announced shocking news. For improving AdWords programmes and services, Google AdWords Team had agreed to change several terms and conditions. This decision was taken because they saw that there was a whole lot of progress towards AdWords’ ad platforms and global growth.

What’s Need to be Done Soon?

Google AdWords’ new terms and conditions could be felt by AdWords Users in Asia Pacific except China, Korea, India and Taiwan. Indonesia as one of Asia Pacific countries had to prepare for it. Every AdWords users in Indonesia and other countries in Asia Pacific can accept the new terms and condition by following these steps:

  • Open your AdWords accounts
  • Click “Red Alert” bar
  • Follow the prompts

All AdWords users in Asia Pacific except China, Korea, India and Taiwan need to accept the new terms and conditions as soon as possible. Google AdWords team only gives 45 days period for users to review and accept the new rules. Within 45 days, any users who do not accept the new rules could lead to the suspension or inavailability of their active ads.

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