16 Oct

In this era, people can use their mobile phone for shopping. This is the opportunity used by businessmen like you. Using Google mobile advertising can increase your sales but that is not the only factor. You also need a mobile-friendly website. Is it important to have a mobile-friendly website? Yes, it is. 61% of users quickly moved to the next website when they did not find what they were looking for in your website. It means you’re redirecting your traffic to your competitor unintentionally.

To learn about mobile users’ shopping behavior, Sterling Research and Smith Geiger conduct a survey that involves 1.088 US adults who use smartphones in July 2012. Below are the results of survey that has been published in Google Mobile BlogSpot:

  • 75% of users prefer shopping on mobile-friendly websites
  • 74% of users likely return again to mobile-friendly website in the future
  • 67% of users likely purchase something when they visit a mobile-friendly website
  • 48% of users get annoyed when they visit not a mobile-friendly website and think that the company doesn’t care about its business.

The survey shows how important to have a mobile-friendly website before using Google mobile advertising. If you already have a mobile-friendly website, your next step is combining it with Google mobile advertising. By having a mobile-friendly website and Google mobile advertising, you will skyrocket your sales amazingly.

If you want specific users or consumers, you can add Google AdWords. Google AdWords will help you choose the right targets so users that visit your mobile website are potential consumers. Potential consumers mean that they are the one looking for your products or services.

If you have a problem about making a mobile-friendly website, using Google mobile advertising and Google AdWords; you can consult it with DGtraffic. Our expert teams will gladly help you. 

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