27 Jun

Many people nowadays are using their mobile not just for text messaging, make or receive a call. The development of technology has made a mobile as a helper which can be brought and used at anytime and from anywhere to make sure you could access the information that you need easily.  You even can do shopping, transferring fund, or running business through it.  One small gadget can do multiple tasks for you.

Mobile also helps business grow. It can empower consumer to connect with a business. As a business owner, you ought to make sure that your mobile website of your business is user-friendly. Mobile user-friendly website allows netizens to easily access and find what they’re looking for.

The easier a product or information on the website can be accessed, the higher the ROI, why? The answer is very simple, because netizens don’t like to wait for website that takes too long to load or could give them more trouble in finding certain information. The problem is how to design mobile user-friendly website?

Design Mobile User-Friendly Website

To design a mobile user-friendly website, you need a web developer and web designer help.  Another help, you need insight about principles of mobile user-friendly website. How you can get the right principle? Well, you are very lucky because Google Team has teamed up with AnswerLab to study how 100 mobile users completed conversion-focused tasks across a diverse group of websites.

There are 3 main findings from the study:

  • Participants of this study quickly abandoned websites that gave irrelevant search results or a large set of results that will take time to narrow.
  • Participants tend to click / tap a link to desktop website because they think that they’d be missing out on something if they stay in the mobile website.
  • Participants find it hard to use mobile websites that still had several mix of desktop and mobile pages.

3 Solutions for these 3 main findings:

  • Your mobile website has ‘search’ button and it is visible on the homepage. Don’t forget to make sure it can give relevant search results.
  • If your mobile website has the same content and function as your desktop website, you must educate your visitors that they don’t need to open your desktop website anymore by not providing a link to the desktop website. If you still want to provide a link to desktop website, don’t use ‘full site’ but use word ‘desktop website’ as the anchor text.
  • Optimize whole mobile website and make sure there are no several mix of desktop anymore.

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