17 Sep

If you use or learn SEO, you will meet with term ‘Inbound Link’. What is inbound link? Inbound link is a link from other websites directed to your own website.  The other name of inbound link that is well known is backlink given by other websites to yours.  The benefits that you will get if your website has a good number of quality inbound links are:


  • Your website will be indicated as important or popular
  • Search Engines especially Google will give more credit for your website
  • Your website will be considered more relevant rather than other websites in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

What is a good quality inbound link?

Good quality inbound link is a link from relevant website. How to say that other websites are relevant?  It is very easy. A website will be said to be a relevant if it has content related to your website. Inbound link from a relevant website has so much value and Search Engines will think high of it.

How “can SEO help” to make a good inbound link?

By using relevant targeted keywords, your website can quickly be indexed by Search Engines. In time, your website can appear on the 1st page of Search Engines especially Google.  SEO needs time , you should remember this. The result after using SEO can last longer.

For more information how SEO’s work and what SEO is, you can email or give us a call. DGtraffic will gladly to help you. We have SEO teams that always update.

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