03 Sep

Real Time is one of many new features in Google Analytics.  Real Time feature let you see what is happening in your website at the moment.  You can see the impact of your campaign, increasement in traffic and more. To provide the best experience for Real Time in Google Analytics, Google teams decide to give 4 improvements in Real Time report which are:

  • Real Time event report

Real Time event report provides you the top event as they occur, filter particular event and action. Not only that, you also can see if some particular segments of visitor triggered different events.

  • Breakdown specific traffics by device

In the beginning, real time can only show you how many netizens that visit your website at the moment. Now, you can see where they come from. This new Real Time shows you type of devices that visitors are using to visit your website. Type of devices are desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Create shortcut button

Do you have a favorite segment in real time? Now, you can store your favorite segments by click “Create Shortcut” button.  The shortcuts of your favorite segments will appear on the left navigation menu.

  • Compare Real Time data to overall data

You can compare page-views of your segmented visitors to overall traffic to know why the page-views are increasing, which device brings the highest visitors and etc.

Stay tuned with DGtraffic to see more improvement of Google Analytics and other Google products in the future.

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