05 Mar

Google Analytics is one of Google services that likely be used by most of website owners. This service allows the website owners to investigate the traffic of their website, traffic source and measurement of conversion and sales. The basic service can be used by everyone but the premium needs a specific script created by Google Analytics experts. That is why the basic service is free but the premium version has a fee.

Everyone knows about this service but have you wonder about the history of Google Analytics? Here is the brief from us :


Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation in March 2005. Urchin Software Corporation is a company that creates web site analytic solution used by most of website owner and marketer to understand more about user’s experience, track marketing performance and optimize content.


The first time, internet users knew about Google Analytic was on 11th November 2005. Formerly it was known as Urchin. When Google launched it, Google said that the basic service was free. Originally the price of Urchin web analytic service started from $500 /month. It was a new turn over when Google re-writes industry business model.


The impact of Google decision to make the basic service free was so big. There were explosion analytics users. In fact, Google had to close the new subscribers for at least 10 months. In the closing state, Google allocated a new machine to Google’s data center to fix number of crunching tasks. After 10 months, Google re-opened the service. Another explosion happened again when Google Analytics’s user rapidly grew in matter of months. It could be said the launching was success and disaster simultaneously.


Since from the initial launching, Google Analytics has undergone several changing. More and more new features have been added to it.  Even the dashboard of Google Analytics report and website has been modified.  The latest feature is Mobile Apps Analytics.  This Mobile Apps Analytics can be used to track apps and get insight loyalty of mobile users. This addition equips former Google Analytic that can not track apps.

This history is summarized for you by DGtraffic. Feel free to ask any questions by filling the consultation form on DGtraffic homepage. We will give the best answer as soon as possible. 

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