26 Aug

Penguin is a name used for one of Google Algorithms. Many netizens call it as Google Penguin to make sure that there will be no misunderstanding in SEO discussion. What is Google penguin? It is an Algorithm for tracking and punishing bad link building. Since its first inception on April 24, 2012, Google Penguin has regular update, similar with Google Panda.

Every time Google announces Google Penguin update, as site owner or SEO you have to do some analysis to determine whether the new update will affects your site or not. But how can you determine it? Well, you need your analytics data.

Analytics data from Google Analytics or other tools is the key for this analysis. Without the data, it’s nearly impossible to do the analysis. So, it’s highly recommended to implement one analytics tool like Google Analytics. Don’t worry because Google Analytics is free of charge.

How to determine whether Google Penguin affects your site or not by using Google Analytics?


  • Separate out organic traffic by clicking on Acquisition > Keywords > Organic
  • After that filter the data so you can only see organic traffic which come from search engine Google
  • If there are many netizens searching your site by using your brand name, it’ll be better to exclude traffic from your brand name. How to exclude it? Just click on “Advanced” on organic traffic keyword report page, choose secondary dimension where you can ask Google to exclude keyword containing brand name.
  • Change the date so you can see the traffic before and after the Google Penguin launched date. From this you can see if your organic search traffic is decreasing or increasing after Google Penguin rolled out.


How to recover from Google Penguin Penalty?


  • You need to gain Google’s trust again by following these steps:
  • Cleanup all unnatural and spam backlinks that link to your site. Make sure there are no unnatural and spam links anymore.
  • Fix all on-site webspam issues such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, etc. You must make sure that your on-site is good so Google can see your effort.
  • Build high-quality backlinks to show Google that your site can be trusted.
  • Make sure, you don’t get another Google algorithm penalty such as Google Panda.


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