19 Nov

Have you noticed a new change of Google search result? If not, better try to pay attention because Google has launched a new feature for its search result page. What is it? Google called it “Sitelinks Search Box” which you can find above the list of sitelinks.  It provides a way for people to reach your content more quickly from search result.

For example, you want to find all Taylor Swift videos on YouTube. Usually you will type “YouTube” into Google Search Box, click the result, follow the YouTube link and then type “Taylor Swift” into YouTube Search Box. See, there are so many steps you must take just to find all Taylor Swift videos that you wanted. Good news for all of us, Google provides you a much simpler way.

Sitelinks Search Box removes all unnecessary steps. With this, you only need to type “YouTube” into Google Search Box and type “Taylor Swift” into Sitelinks Search Box to make YouTube shows you all Taylor Swift videos. In short, you could bypass the process by stepping over the homepage. Isn’t it wonderful? You don’t need to waste more time to get the result that you want.

Sitelink Search

How to Implement Sitelinks Search Box for Your Site?

Please take note that Google algorithms use many factors to determine when the Sitelinks Search Box appears. But you can try to set it up by following these steps:


  • You need a functioning search engine that can powered this feature. What is it? Well, you can try Google Custom Search. With it, you can add a search box to you homepage which can help people find what they want.
  • After that, Webmaster / web developer can use schema.org markup on the homepage of your site.  And it’s not necessary to repeat the markup on other pages. The markup example can be found on Google Developer Site.
  • Wait until Google identify your new addition Google Custom Search and schema.org.

Please make sure, you add Google Custom Search, Schema.org and follow Google recommend practices on Google Developer site. Wait for more information about Sitelinks Search Box from DGtraffic Indonesia.

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