29 Nov

Since February 2011 until now, Google’s Panda has been update several times.  The newest update was happened on November 5th, 2012 which means SEO must adapt again.  The newest changing is the 21st version of Panda. Before this, Google’s Panda already has others 20 versions:


  • 1st version – 24th Feb
  • 2nd version – 11th April
  • 3rd version – 10th May
  • 4th version – 16th June
  • 5th version – 23th July
  • 6th version– 12th Aug
  • 7th version – 28th Sept
  • 8th version – 19th Oct
  • 9th version – 18th Nov



  • 10th version – 18th Jan
  • 11th version – 27th Feb
  • 12th version -23rd March
  • 13th version – 19th April
  • 14th version – 27th April
  • 15th version – 9th June
  • 16th version – 25th June
  • 17th version – 24th July
  • 18th version – 20th Aug
  • 19th version – 18th Sept
  • 20th version – 27th Sept


From the list above, it can be said that Panda always updates. It is why many people state that SEO must be learnt again and again because there are always new strategies to adjust to new Google Algorithm.

Google’s Panda is special algorithm created to overcome bad contents of blog and website. Google really does not like bad contents because they affect search result so it is not strange if Google is very active to update the Panda. Every update of the algorithm has different purposes. One time, the Panda overcomes duplicate content and targets weak content in another time. If you just have one content which is weak, duplicate or not qualified; believe or not – your whole domain will go down.

Different from Google’s Penguin that analyze your backlinks, Panda only wants to deal with bad contents so to make sure your website or blog does not have a single bad content at all. There are many way to solve these. One of them is to create great contents and edit your bad contents. You also need to be careful in choosing a CMS template, only choose a friendly SEO template for your website.

For more information how to create a great content and choose a SEO friendly CMS template, you can call us – DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552 or (021) 3190 8113. We will provide the best solution for your blogs and websites.

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