20 Oct

Most of webmasters knew about Google Webmaster. Google Webmaster was a free tool from Google, which allows webmasters to obtain data about the website’s health according to Google’s rules.  It was equipped with constantly evolving tools & metric so it can help webmaster to make sure their websites are favored by Googlebot and shown on Google Search Result Page.

In the past year, Google observed the loyal users of Google Webmaster because they wanted to understand more about needs of users in using Google Webmaster.  From the observation, they found out that most of Google Webmaster users like SEO experts and Web Developers wanted their websites were available online so internet users could find their websites easier. On 20 May, 2015, Google on its BlogSpot post had announced rebranding of Google Webmaster. Since that day, Google Webmaster would be called as Google Search Console.

Besides the rebranding, Google had made a promise to roll out a new feature which could help webmaster in providing new and high quality experience for visitors. The new feature which you as webmaster could use to increase your website performance is Mobile Usability.

Mobile Usability Feature

You can find Mobile Usability feature by following >> Log In to Google Search Console >> Search Traffic >> Mobile Usability

What is Mobile Usability?

Mobile usability is a feature from Google that provides mobile usability report that can help Webmaster identifies pages in his/her website suffering from severe mobile usability problem. Webmaster can use the report to fix error for specific pages to improve website mobile search performance.

Why do Google provide Mobile Usability feature?

As you know mobile users are increasing from time to time, and Google wants to provide the best search experience for them. Since last year until now, Google has pushed webmaster to create mobile responsive website. By providing Mobile Usability feature, Google takes further step to make sure all page in a website is mobile-friendly. You should try this feature soon.

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