16 Jul

An article that has been posted since 3rd July 2012 on YouTube Official BlogSpot talks about Google Video team new collaboration. In this article, Google Video teams will move all contents of Google Video to YouTube as private videos because Google video has stopped taking in uploads since May 2009 and it will be closed in the near future.

Google Video team assures that users will not lose their videos (contents). The videos are only moved which means they will fully available on YouTube after the moving. Users even can change private setting of videos into public so everyone can see it.

Until 20th August 2012, every user can still log in to Google Video for migrating, deleting or downloading their contents. After 20th August 2012, users can not access their account on Google Video again. After the videos have been moved, users can access all of their video by visiting the YouTube Video Channel. If you are confused how to see your video because you do not have YouTube account, Google Video teams have found the solution. You just need to log in by using your Google Video or Gmail account (it is better using you Gmail that you use for creating Google Video account).

Google Video Teams also send gratitude for their users that have support them for a long time through the article. They hope by this collaboration, users still can share their video not with Google Video but YouTube, which is well-known as the first and the largest video sharing website in online world.

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