21 Dec

Bing continues growing in the U.S. search market share. After Two-and-a-half-year, the Microsoft search engine is now almost neck-and-neck with Yahoo. Secondly, remained far behind Google.

Recent comScore figures show Bing has risen to 15 percent in market share on November  while Yahoo dropped to 15.1 percent. Google owned 65.4 percent of the market, a small drop in October.

This is “explicit” search comScore measurement, not things like slideshows and specific questions in Google Instant Search. It also does not reflect the demand for mobile search.

In comparison, last year, comScore’s post showed Google’s market share had 66.2 percent  on November 2010, while Yahoo had 16.4 percent and 11.8 percent in the Bing.

ComScore has not  posted  this number yet, but we will update this post with links when they do.

Source : Search Engine Land

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