10 May

Google Web LightIndonesia is known as one of the countries in the world’s with slowest internet speed. Although this circumstance, Indonesia internet users have flourished.  That’s a reason Google chose Indonesia to be the first country to test Google Web Light. What is Google Web Light? It’s a free service from Google which can make a mobile site has faster and lighter pages so internet users can open it even though the internet speed is not sufficient.

Google introduced Web Light service for the first time at Google I/O 2015. Google I/O is an annual event that is created by Google for inspirational talks and hands-on learning for Google users.  Besides that, we also can learn more about Google’s latest developer products and platforms in this event. This event has been held since 2008 in San Francisco, California.

How does Google Web Light work? When Google detects slow internet connection in mobile, it will convert / trans-code web page into optimized version so users can access the page. The optimized pages show majority of original mobile site content.  If we compare original mobile site and optimized version, how fast is the optimize version?  For the answer, please play video below:

The video is about an experiment that has been done by Google. From Google’s experiment, optimized page load 4 times faster than the original one. A site with faster loading time can have 20% – 50% increase in traffic.  However, not every webmasters are eager to use this service for a variety number of reasons. One of the main concern is because Google Web Light service cannot convert / trans-code some function or pages in the sites.  The pages which cannot be converted will be labeled as non-trans-coded in search result. Sites that cannot be converted / trans-coded perfectly are sites that require cookies, sign in or login, use a significant amount of data (video) and have a pop out.  Because it cannot convert / trans-code a site perfectly, it will make users cannot click sign in, choose log in and play video. This service may increase traffic to site but those users cannot become conversion.  No Conversion means No Income.

The conclusion, Google provides a way to make a faster and light mobile site but it’s still not perfect so some function of original mobile site cannot be converted  / trans-coded. But don’t worry because Google will make it perfect one day. Stay tune for more information about Mobile Site with us, DGtraffic Indonesia.

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