01 May

After building a website, a web developer still needs to analyze the website. The analysis is done to ensure the website can work properly later. To obtain a complete analysis of a website, a web developer usually uses more than just one analysis program. 

Knowing how difficult a web developer’s job, Google offers its assistance. Google has many products which are usually free to analyze a website so the website can improve its performance. Some Google products that can be used are:


  • Webmaster tools


This Google product can provide plenty of information that can help their user to maintain and improve a website. It has diagnostic tools for identifying malware, finding spider-crawl errors and discovering the most popular web page.


  • Page Speed


Page Speed is an open source Firebug browser add-on that helps their user evaluates the performance of a web page especially for website’s loading time.


  • Browser Size


Browser Size tool is a handy web-based tool for visualizing how web pages look on popular browser viewport sizes by overlaying boundaries and contours of visible areas on top of your chosen web page. It is very useful to protect a website from Google “Above the Fold” Algorithm.

With these 3 tools, a web developer will know which part of a website that needs to fix.

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