30 May

Do You Know Matt Cutts? He is one of Google’s employees. He joined Google in January 2000 as a software engineer. Now, he works as a head of Google’s Webspam team. Most of internet users know about him because he has a blog where he sometime writes about Google, SEO and Gadgets. His blog is mostly visited by webmasters that want useful tips or news update about new Google features.

On 22nd May 2013, Matt Cutts posted an article entitledPenguin 2.0 Rolled Out Today”. This is surprising news for SEO and webmasters because once again, Matt Cutts and his Team have created another powerful Algorithm. The previous Penguin launched on 24th April 2012 had caused uproar in internet world. Not only websites with Black Hat Strategies had got affected but also some legitimate website.

As most of webmasters know, Google Penguin is one of Google Search Algorithm that has a job to investigate and examine our SEO Off-page strategies. If you have a suspicious SEO off-page strategy, you must be ready to get some penalty from Penguin.

Based on the Matt’s article, it could be said the Penguin 2.O has begun its job on 22nd May 2013. It will not only affect English-US queries but also other languages world-wide queries. This new Algorithm will not only be noticed by SEO and webmaster but also Google Search users. Users will surely notice the changing happened because he and his team have made sure that this new Penguin can do a better job than previous Penguin.

Make sure you have prepared a solution to anything that can be happened because of this new Penguin. You must find a solution as fast as you can to survive from Google Penguin 2.0. Need a consultant for this problem? DGtraffic is here to help you to find the right solution. Find us on 14th floor Menara Thamrin at MH.Thamrin Street Kav 3 in Central Jakarta.

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