07 Jan

A New Year can not be begun without happy news. On 4th January 2013, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in U.S has closed an investigation of Google that has been done for 19-month. The investigation is to check if Google can be trusted and safe to be used for consumers. The result is Google pass. Google is said has a good service for its customers.

FTC says that Google really aggressively in using sandbox to sweep untrusted websites from the Google Search which is a plus point for Google. Sandbox is a special program to detect and quarantine suspicious websites. Using that program, Google acts as an internet police that interrogates and exams those websites to see if they are qualify to get indexed by Google Search. If they do not qualify, Google will quarantine it for a long time until those websites follow Google’s regulations.

From the beginning of the investigation, Google has very opened to receive more feedback to create a better experience for consumers. Google agrees with FTC to settle standard essential patent disputes through a neutral third party before seeking injunctions. It means that this agreement determines clear rule for standards essential patents.

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