09 Dec

What is Google Partner? Google Partner is a replacement program for Google Certification Partner Program (GCP).  This replacement indicates there are new and improved experience provided by Google for agencies and online marketing professionals. The Google Partner program is created based on feedbacks from GCP participants.

How This Replacement Affects Participants of Google Certification Partner Program?

For Individual:

  • The access to GCP account is no longer available.
  • GCP exam history and Google AdWords certification data will be transferred into your new Google Partner account when you join by using you past GCP login.
  • To take Google AdWords exams and get certified, you need a Google Partner account.
  • If previously, you need to pay $50 USD per exam; it is now free. You don’t need to pay anymore for taking exam and getting certified.
  • All exams and certifications that you have earned through GCP will not affected by this new replacement program. All of those will remain valid and can be used up to their original expiration dates whether you join new Google Partner program or not.

For Google Certification Partner Company

  • You will have profile company page. You need to manage company profile on Google Partner search. You can manage individual certifications and company profile by using the same Google Partner account.
  • First, your company must fulfill the qualification to get new Google Partner badge before getting listed on Google Partner search.
  • Former GCP companies that are not qualify for Google Partner badge will be remove from Google Partner search.

Participants in Google Certification program are not automatically listed in Google Partner program so you need to fulfill some qualification to get Google Partner badge. Since November 2013, DGtraffic as one of Google AdWords Partner in Indonesia has fulfilled the qualification and gotten itself new Google Partner badge.

Is Google Partner Badge Important?

Google Partner badge is a sign that online marketing company is trusted by Google. Google Partner Badge identifies the following requirements:

  • The Company has a thorough knowledge of Google Products.
  • The Company has done excellent job on delivering clients’requests.
  • The Company has been properly managed.
  • The Company has fulfilled all qualification to gain Google Partner badge.

It’s all thanks to partner and clients that have help DGtraffic. With this new achievement, we get another encouragement to improve the quality of our services.

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