20 Dec

Search Engine Optimization can not be separated from Google Panda. Google Panda is a name for Google Algorithm that is used to check contents of websites and blogs. A website or blog that has bad content will get punishments. That is a reason many websites or  blogs owners do not like Google Panda at all, even some people that work in Search Engine Optimization do not like it.

Ruth Burr, Lead SEO at SEOMOZ says that she loves Google Panda. The first question that pop out in your mind maybe “How can someone love Google Panda?”  If you are using Google for searching information (browsing) every day, you will think like Ruth Burr.

Think like this, you need specific information like “How to Fix Roof Leak”. You decide to use Google Search Engine. In no time, you get so many results but most of them do not answer your question. You will find many webs / blogs that consist of meaningless content riddled with link to exterminator service. Those content only taint the SERP and upset you. You do not want to waste your time but because those bad contents, you just waste more of your time. That’s why many internet users do not like bad content and Google understand. To solve this problem, Google Panda was created in 2011.

It can be said that Google Panda success because most of bad contents have been takes out from SERP. But you must know that Google Panda still was not perfect. There is a time when a lot of good contents (not black-hat) from websites get affected and kick out from SERP for some time. That’s why Google always updates Google Panda to improve its performance.

We, DGtraffic can not more agree with Ruth Burr. As an internet user and worker in Search Engine Optimization, we understand that Google Panda is not an enemy but a friend. That is why our polishes for Search Engine Optimization division are:

  • Create users friendly contents that do not violent border of Google Panda
  • Increase engagement with internet users through information contents that answers internet users’ need

For more information how to see Google Panda as a friend, you can send us an email or fill the consultation form in “HOME”.

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