24 Apr

Sitelinks are links that appears below Google AdWords Ads and some of Google organic search result.  Sitelinks are some kinds of shortcuts that can be used by netizens to visit some pages of your website.  Google AdWords sitelinks are different with Google organic search result sitelinks. Unlike Google organic search results, AdWords Sitelinks can be controlled and created.

Google Organic Search Result Sitelinks are Gifts from Google

Google only shows those sitelinks for an organic result when it assumes that those sitelinks can be useful for netizens. How does Google determine which pages of a website could be used as sitelinks? Google system will analyze the link structure of a website to determine shortcuts that are useful and thus could save some times for netizens rather than to explore the whole website.

There are 2 conditions why Google does not show sitelinks for a website, such as:

·         The website has a script that does not allow Google system to crawl and find a good sitelinks

·         Google assumes sitelinks of a website are not relevant for netizen’s query

For now, sitelinks for Google organic search result are automated generated so website owners cannot create their own sitelinks.  Only Google could create sitelinks for Google organic search result.

Demote Google Organic Search Result Sitelinks

Even though Google has not provides an option for users to create Google organic search result sitelinks, there is an option for users to demote sitelinks in Google Webmaster. By using Demoting option, you make a suggestion to Google to use other URL pages of your website as sitelinks. It is because you consider the url page used by Google as your sitelinks are not a good options for sitelinks.

How can you demote a sitelink:

·         Open your Google Webmaster account

·         Choose the website that you want if you have more than one website in your Google Webmaster account.

·         Find “Search Appearance” and click it.

·         Below “Search Appearance”, there is “Sitelinks” option which you must choose.

·         In the “For this search result” box, complete the URL with specific URL that you do not want to appear.

·         In the “Demote this sitelink URL” box, complete the URL with the sitelink that you want to demote.

Please remember that Google does not guarantee the demoted URL will not appear as sitelink again, but Google will try to not use that URL when it generates sitelinks for your website.

For more information about Google organic search result sitelinks, please feel free to contact DGtraffic. We will provide you with the best answer as we can.

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