26 Jan

Google always thinks that site loading time is very important. Some people even say that Google really obsesses with it. So it’s not exactly surprising news that Google rewards website which has clean code, fast loading and quick download time. Don’t you believe that?  Try tracking that announcement from Google.

In 2011, Google announced its loading time online analysis tool on Webmaster Central Blog. The name of the tool is PageSpeed Insights. With this tool, you can analyze how fast your website’s loading time. PageSpeed Insight tool will give you certain insights on which part of your website that need to be fixed by your web developer to optimize your page loading time. 

In doing the analysis of website speed, there are 2 ways which you can choose: analyze your website via Pagespeed online website or install it in chrome extension. Don’t be confused, both of them have the same purpose. Just choose the one that is easier to use for you. Just make sure, you have active internet connection because without it, you cannot use PageSpeed Insight tool.

Why Does Google Love and Care about Site Speed?

Google is eager to give better experience to its users. Fast loading time can improve users’ experience. Many users left a website if the website is taking too long to load, it became a common sense for any web developer nowadays. Don’t believe it? Ask yourself, how many times have you left a website because of slow loading time?  How you expect someone to purchase your products when it takes too long?

Why is Site Loading Time Important to You?

Keep in mind that page loading time is one of many aspects that affects ranking factor in Google’s algorithm for search queries in both of desktop and mobile site. It maybe only affects less than 1% of search queries but still, it’s one of important aspects that you must pay your attention to. Not only it affects search queries, it could also improve your organic traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic that comes from result page of Google search. With the increasing of traffic from organic queries, you will get more potential customers because they visit your website because his or her needs.

Now, you know why Google loves fast loading time and why it is important for you. It’s the time for you to make your landing page load faster. For more information of it, stay tuned on DGtraffic Indonesia site.

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