22 Dec

Christmas is a biggest holiday of the year where every family tries to prepare the best to provide the most precious time for family and friends. Every country has its own Christmas tradition so you can say the preparation is a bit different for a family in one country with other family in other countries. For example: Christmas means barbecue with family and friends in New Zealand, gingerbread hearts and mulled wine in Germany, and Christmas cracker in United Kingdom. Well, How about Google?

Last Christmas, Google could only track down Santa on the night before Christmas. For this Christmas, Google has come to Santa’s Village from early December. With this, Google can do a countdown together with elves from Santa’s Village. Elves? Santa’s Village? Are you kidding? Well, nope. Santa’s elves have been back to work since first day of December. Every day, they work hard to make sure preparation of Santa’s big night is going well. And guess what? Google invite all you to join them.  You can see elves unlock a new project each day in this big awesome event preparation.

For you who want to know about each country’s Christmas tradition, train yourself to place gift, holiday tradition test or how Santa delivers gifts to children, Santa’s Village is the right place. You do not only participant in countdown, but you can also participant in elves’ preparation; which means you can help prepare Santa’s big night. Elves may be busy but they will surely give their time to teach and provide you with Christmas information.

Interesting, isn’t it? If you ask how to access this village, let us tell you one thing:  you only need to go to this address: https://santatracker.google.com. Don’t forget to take time to explore all project provided by elves for you. If you are confused about their list of projects, just click red calendar icon on upper right side of the page. Elves know that sometimes, human can be confused with their works so they have written it down on the calendar about their projects’ names.  From the calendar, you only need to choose and click it.

Try Santa’s Village now, don’t miss it. DGtraffic family has tried the most recent project; you should do it too either with mobile or pc. See you in other Christmas articles.

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