31 Jul

Google is very concerned about users’ search experiences, so Google has decided to improve the algorithm for doorway pages. What are the doorway pages? The Doorway pages are pages of website created   to rank highly for some specific search engine results. Google really doesn’t like the doorway pages because they are shown as different pages in the search engine results, but they actually lead users to one page. Google considers it as a spam technique that can harm quality of the users’ experiences.

Although they are bad, some people still maximize their search footprint by using doorway pages until now so they can get more customers. And of course, Google notices it. That’s the reason why Google is going to improve Doorway pages algorithm. When? Google doesn’t really say when; as you know Google likes to surprise users and webmasters.

By using the new algorithm for doorway, Google makes sure that doorway pages will not rank in Google search result pages. How do you know if your website is using doorway page or not? Don’t’ worry. Why? Because Google has created several questions which can be used to ask yourself:

  • What is your purpose when you optimize your website for search engines and funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site, or are they an integral part of your site’s user experience?
  • Are the pages intended to rank on generic terms, yet the content presented on the page is very specific?
  • Do the pages duplicate use aggregations of items (locations, products, etc.) that already exist on the site for the purpose of capturing more search traffics?
  • Were those pages created solely by you for drawing affiliate traffic and sending users along without creating unique value in content or functionality?
  • Do these pages exist as an “island?” Are they difficult or impossible to navigate to from other parts of your site? Are links to such pages from other pages within the site or network of sites created just for search engines?

Hope this article helps you to find out whether your website is using Doorway page strategy or not. See you in the next articles.

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