22 Oct

On 3rd September 2014, Google through its official Google AdWords BlogSpot announced that they had rolled out new extension named Callout extension. What is it for? It allows you to add some additional text to your ads to show highlighting specific information about your products or services.  Of course it is create to improve and strengthen your Google AdWords message.

Many advertisers happily use it for their ads after get their hands on it. With this extension, advertisers can add free shipping, price matching or other important information which can persuade netizens to visit their website. They can deliver strong message to netizens about their products or services.

How to Use Callout Extension?

If you want to use callout extension, you need to open Ad extension tab. This extension can be used to provide general information about products or services for account or campaign level. For ad group level, you better provide more detailed information.

In Ad extension tab, you can find Callout extension. What you need is click it with your mouse. After that you can create, manage, schedule and report your callouts. Just make sure your additional text doesn’t break Google’s rules.

And better keep in mind that callout extension only can provide you maximum 25 characters each of your ads. It can also co-trigger with other ad formats. Have fun in creating your first callout. For more information about callout information, you can read from official Google AdWords BlogSpot or call DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552.

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