20 Mar

Today, if you look at the description of a website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP); they are different with their own Meta Descriptions that have been implemented, why? Google changes the snippet description. This has happened for quite a while and it will cause a problem for SEO practitioner who creates a Friendly On-Page.

The description search snippets usually show from the Meta Descriptions and relevant On-Page contents. However, there are more and more data considered by Google.

Bill Slawski in one of his posts on The Sea website mentions that “Google may get a snippet description within website’s content or On-Page”.  Google had wanted to patent about this in 2005 but it didn’t succeed. Google had to wait for at least seven years and now is already granted. Google hopes this changing can help Googlers understand more what are inside the link of website that they will see on the SERP and also to provide good experiences for Google users.

Snippet description is one of many hints needed for Google users to understand what they will get into when they click the link. The purposes of snippet description are:

  • Persuade people to click your link
  • Make them understand what they will get

Because of that, SEO practitioners need to spend time to create a good high quality snippet description.

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