10 Dec

On 6th December 2012, Clay Bavor as the Director of Product Management for Google Apps has announced that there is some changing in Google Apps for Business. He announced it on Google Enterprise BlogSpot which a special BlogSpot for any information about Enterprise.

In the beginning, the simple idea for Google Apps is Gmail. Gmail is created to help Google consumers for doing their business via internet which they do not need to get confuse how to manage software and a server. In no time, there are more and more customers use this Google Apps. Nowadays the Google Apps for business have been used by many businesses. In fact, Google also provides others version that can be used by School, University and Government for now.

Seeing how consumers’ reactions for Google Apps, Google offered premium version especially for Business Google Apps. Although it is sad as premium version, Google still keeps it free and the basic version. This premium version can be used by company (business) or individual for their businesses. But in no time, customers want more than just a basic version. 2 main things that they want to be included to basic version of Google apps are:

  • The increasing of inbox capacity
  • 24/7 customer support

It seems that consumers want and wait for new features so Google teams make a changing. There are 2 main changing in Google Apps especially for new customers:

  • Individual must create a free personal Google Account if he or she wants to use web Apps from Google like Google Drive and Gmail.
  • For Businesses, consumers (company) only can use premium version (Gmail). In this premium version, they can use 24/7 customer support for any issues, 25 GB inbox and 99,9% guarantee. The price is $50 per year for each user.

For former customers that have use free Google apps will not get charged. This news is brought to you by DGtraffic. For more information, you just need to call us at (021) 31908113. 

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