25 Jun

Google decides to work together with Nielsen to conduct study about the trend of viewership patterns and the campaign effectiveness across TV, Youtube and Google Display Network (GDN) in 2012. The results of this study are:

  • Around 31% people (18-49 years old) are light TV viewers. Light TV viewers usually spend only 39 minutes of TV in a day which means it will difficult to reach audiences by using TV advertising alone.
  • There are 63% light TV viewers who didn’t see TV ads.
  • Households that opted for broadband internet instead of cable TV grew 22.8% over the past year.
  • More and more youngsters are using their smartphones, tablet, laptop and pc for reaching news and entertainment rather than using TV. It means that they spend more time browsing and watching by using gadgets rather than spend time with TV.
  • The light TV viewers can be efficiently reached by campaigns on Youtube and Google Display Network  rather than advertising on TV. On average, Youtube and Google Display Network add 4% point of incremental reach to light viewers.
  • Advertising on Youtube and Google Display Network cost 92% less than TV advertising.
  • Youtube and Google Display Network can increase 27% in impression delivery. 

The light viewers are “hard to reach customers” but by using Youtube and Google Display Network, businessman can increase brand recall which can persuade the “hard to reach customers” especially youngsters. So what are you waiting for? Increase your sales with the right methods.

Source: adwords.blogspot.com


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