Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that gives you insight about traffic and marketing effectiveness of your website.

Is Google Analytics Important? Yes, very important. You can get a lot of advantages such as :

  • Understand who your visitors are and where they come from
  • Learn the behaviour of visitors on your website
  • Compare your traffic against industry benchmarks
  • Discover how to attract a greater number of visitors
  • Improve your website based on Google Analytics report

Why choose our services?

Google Analytics Goals Overview Report


It contains the data that leads to goal which you or we have set up to see how fast your website grows.

Google Analytics SEO Report

The SEO report gives you insight about keywords that are driving the most qualified visitors to your website, thus you can remove unqualified keyword.

Google Analytics Traffic Report

The Traffic Sources report provides a historical look at your direct, referral, organic and paid traffic sources, thus you’re able to determined which are the qualified traffic sources.

Google Analytics Key Content Report

We analyze the Top Content Report, such as Top Landing Pages, Top Exit Page, Internal Website Search, etc. The purpose of this is to analyze visitors’ activities.

Analysis and Consultation


We will periodically analyze the website through the reports to measures its performances & also you will be given a consultation to improve the performance of your website.

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