21 Jun

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1969. PBS helps individual PBS producers and local PBS stations to create and promote their section in PBS website.  PBS was one of many corporations that used Google Analytics by themselves without any help from Google Analytics experts. However, PBS met obstacles. It turned out that this application from Google was difficult to maintain and use, so PBS sought a help from experts.

Google Analytics experts from Luna Metrics solved PBS’s problem by including two Google Analytics account codes on each page. The primary account code let PBS sees all data of the entire website all at once so PBS can make quick decisions to improve whole website. On the other hand, the second account code provides every producers of PBS to see data only relating to his or her program, not other people’s programs so they know how good their program had performed.

By using data analysis provided by Google Analytics, PBS knows which part needed to fix, transform or update.  The data also helps stakeholders to make important decisions day by day. Analysis of search engine trends led to an increase in PBS traffic by 30% during the first year after implementation. PBS also used valuable conversion funnel data to optimize the registration path in PBSKids; this activity increased conversions by one-third. Furthermore, since Google Analytics was set up to allow PBS to evaluate the way users consumed video, the broadcaster created two new portals: PBS Video and PBSKIDS Go!

So by using Google analytics, you can measure your online campaign and take action right away.

Source: analytics.blogspot.com


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