13 Jan

Intuit is an American Software company which develops financial, tax preparation software and related services. It was founded in 1983 by Thomas Proulx and Scott D. Cook. It serves small and medium-sized businesses, accounting professional and financial institutions. The Channel Marketing Team at Intuit has established organization that serves 3 business segments:

  • Financial Management Solutions (FMS)
  • Employee Management Solution (EMS)
  • Payment Solutions

Because there are 3 business segments, it has QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax which have been developed specially to revolutionize the way people manage personal finances, run their small business and pay employees.

Using Google Analytics Premium

Recently, the Channel Marketing Team at Intuit decided to use Google Analytics Premium service. They chose Blast Analytics & Marketing as their partner.  They hoped by using this service, they could

  • Increase their understanding of organic search traffic and conversions
  • Optimize Intuit website performance
  • Provide marketers with self-service analytics model

To fulfill these, Blast Analytics & Marketing were using at least 2 approaches which were:

  • Implement Google Analytics Premium across multiple verticals, scaled to global website
  • Promoted rapid adoption through custom reports, dashboard and training

The Result

  • The implementation of Google Analytics Premium quickly produced significant outcomes. Intuit finally discovered most of its traffics referred by SEO, approximately 50% for FMS and 27% for EMS.
  • With the data from Google Analytics Premium, Intuit channel analytics team could provide accurate data for their SEO partner to create the best SEO strategies to increase the performance of Intuit website.
  • Intuit channel analytics did not need to waste their time for data retrieval. With Google Analytics Premium service, they only need 2 hours to get the data.
  • Google Analytics Premium had been provided high data quality that could influence their business decisions in the future.

For more information how Google Analytics Premium can help your business, you only need to fill the form of DGrtaffic Homepage.

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