23 Oct

Google Analytics is one of Google tools that you need when you want to use Google AdWords.  By using Analytics, you can get insight about the behavior of your visitors. Those data will help you to improve your AdWords optimization. When you’re using both of them together, you will achieve the best result.

How Can Data of Analytics Help your AdWords optimization?

  • Attract more and more engaged users. Analytics’s data can help you to know which one of your ad groups that brings more visitors that stay longer on your site so you can bid more to that ad group.
  • You can choose to increase the engaged users or change keywords. You can know which ads or keywords that have low conversion but great engagement metrics. By know that, you can choose to omit the low conversion keywords and choose another keyword that have high conversion or still use them to raise the engagement.
  • Know which keywords that have low conversion and low engagement metrics. Keywords that are low conversion and low engagement metrics could mean that the keywords have poor performances. It can be because unrelated keywords or inaccurate targeting.

Practice Is Done By Casamundo

Casamundo is one of the largest vacation rentals listing service in Europe. Casamundo has combine Google Analytics and Google AdWords. They know by understanding whether their keywords or ads will create strong engagement and that is vital for their business. That is why they’re utilizing the data from Analytics to support their AdWords. According to Torge Kahl (Casamundo’s Online Marketing Manager), the combination of these two tools help them to achieve their goal easier. The combination has let them to have a better optimization.

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