27 Aug

Google Analytics has launched new feature that can help its users to understand more about consumer behavior. Is it really important to know how consumers are interacting in your website? Of course, it is very important. By understanding about their interactions, you can know which part of your website that must be improved for increasing your sales. This new feature of Google Analytics is ‘Multi-Channel Funnels’.

This new feature has managed to Increase Amari Hotel’s online sales. Amari Hotel is a very famous hotel in Thailand. It has the first class hotels, resorts and spas that can give unforgettable experience of the warmth of Asian Hospitality. Amari Hotel can be found in Koh Chang, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi and other locations in Thailand.

Amari Hotel decided to use Google Analytics after realizing that its goals were to gain a better understanding of consumer behavior and increase Amari Hotel’s online sales.

The management of Amari Hotel thought that visitors would come back several times before booking a room so they offered a glimpse of information about Amari Hotel, its offers and deals. Visitors that wanted to book a room had to go to ‘offer and deal’ page.

Before Using Google Analytics

However the report from Google Analytics gave different result. The report showed that 58% visitors had decided to book a room only in their first visitation. Knowing how Amari Hotel’s customer behavior, the management changed the landing page format within 3 days.

After Using Google Analytics

The new landing page shows more offers and deals; and visitors can book a room directly on the landing page because the management has put booking button for each offers and deals.

After a month, Google Analytics report has shown that there is an increasing closing deal in the first visitation. The management of Amari Hotel also sees there is 44% increasing in booking rate via online.

This good news is brought to you by DGtraffic for your Google Analytics insight. If you have more questions about this new feature of Google Analytics, you can give us a call. We will gladly help you.

Sumber: Google Analytics

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