12 Jul

BuildDirect is a business that offers materials via online for building and renovating houses. There are two people, Jeff Booth and Robert Banks that contribute for building this business from zero. They have begun to run this business in 1999. Of course, they have to face many obstacles in running this business but more and more people recognize their hard work every day. Now, BuildDirect has operated in over than 60 countries.

Google AdWords and Google Analytics Strategies

What is the secret behind successful story of Booth and Banks? The secret is using the right way to promote and advertise their business. What they do?

  • They use online advertising strategy. The online advertising strategy that they choose is Google AdWords. Google AdWords can help BuildDirect to increase its conversion, traffic and sales.
  • They combine online advertising strategy with Google Analytics. Why they choose Google Analytic? By using Google Analytics, Booth and Banks can get info where their every dollar for advertising goes and know where they must improve in their website and advertisings.

The Result of BuildDirect’s Strategy

The results by combining Google Analytics with Google AdWords are the increasing of search marketing conversion by 37%. By using Google Analytics to analyze data from Google AdWords, BuildDirect finds out that long tail keywords (a keyword that has more than 1 or 2 words) help consumers to closer to the products that they are looking for. By changing the targeting keywords based on data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics, BuildDirect can provide the best experiences for its consumers because consumers do not need to always use navigation and click.


Based on BuildDirect’s case study above, we can conclude that to get the better result, Google AdWords must work together with Google Analytics. Using both of them will help your website and sales to achieve the best result. For further questions, do not hesitate to call us, DGtraffic , your best partner in this modern digital world.

Source: Analytics.blogspot.com

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