21 Oct

Google AdWords is used to build awareness and generate leads by using specific and/or relevant keywords. To make sure you optimize your AdWords Ads, you can see which keywords have higher or lower leads. For keywords that have higher leads, you should keep using them. For lower lead keywords, you can change them to get a better result – Decision is in your hands. However you cannot optimize and measure your AdWords Ads for events that happen beyond your website. What is an example of event that happened beyond the website? Customer orders via phone and / or performance of your sales representatives (offline sales).

Conversion Import Feature

In the past, you cannot optimize and measure for the complete purchase process but now, you can. Google team on 5th September 2013 announced that there is a new Conversion Import Feature which allows you to upload offline conversion to your AdWords account and see how click on your Ads led to offline sales.

How does the new Conversion Import Feature Work? It is very simple:

  • Visitors / prospective customers click one of your Google AdWords Ads which will let them to your website.
  • The prospective customers will need to fill the form that you have provided in your website. The form is to get their Click ID which will be passed and stored in your database.
  • Your sales team will do some follow up them based on the data in your database. The prospective customers which want to purchase should send email to your sales team to input the purchase in your database.
  • After the data is complete, you can upload the Click ID and Conversion type to your AdWords campaign.
  • Now, you have a complete picture how your Google AdWords Ads have generate offline sales.

This new feature can help you decided the real lead keywords that really give you leads and help you increase your sales.  For more information about this new feature, you can send call DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552.

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