01 Apr

William Ferguson has never dreamed his passion could be his actual source of income.  Who is William Ferguson? He is a game developer of Lexathon Tumbles Word Jumble on Google Play.  When he was 4 years old, he dreamed to become a computer scientist.  He pursued his dream and never veered.

By day, He worked full time as a commercial developer for a large firm. By night, He did coding for his own project. His passion for coding had turned to create his own independent game development named XandarMob and produced Lexathon Tumbles Word Jumble game. It Turns out became very popular with the help from Google AdMob.

This game has been translated into 19 languages so many people around the world could play it easier. The first translation is done by Ferguson with the help of Google Translate which is free and integrated with AdMob. However the translation turns out not quite perfect. Finally, it was revised and completed by dedicated users who have noticed and volunteered.

Why Did Ferguson Choose Google AdMob to promote his game?

Ferguson chose to use Google AdMob to promote his game after doing a research to various users forum. From the research, he found out that Google AdMob has a good reputation because there were only few users complaint about it.

From technical standpoint, Ferguson thinks Google AdMob API is elegant, clean and well defined. Well, he is a perfectionist especially for technical design. He always uses API to create custom events.  The ability to create customs events allows Ferguson to control all of his Ad activity across each network from AdMob.  Besides that, Ferguson also uses AdMob to deliver banner ads.

Lexathon Tumbles Word Jumble Success

This game app has been downloaded for 430.000 times. From the analysis that were done, the game users are very loyal. They play the game at least 4 months and spend at least 10 minutes per day. On Google Play, this game gets 4.5 stars rating.  There are other good results such as:

  • Earned 15% monthly income for Google AdMob
  • Enjoy exceptional 95% fill rates and a reliable eCPM with Google AdMob

For more information of Google AdMob, please contact DGtraffic.

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