11 Aug

Gmail is a free secure webmail service from Google. Anyone can use this free service. Most of people use it for business especially when they’re doing online business. What benefit of using Gmail account for business? Well, you can use it to create your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts which can help you to increase brand awareness for your business. On the other hand, you need Gmail account to create YouTube account. Nowadays, YouTube has been acknowledged as an effective advertising platform. Gmail also provide 15 GB free storage for email so you can keep important email in your inbox for long time.

Even though Gmail has get many netizens’ attention, Google still doesn’t want to be self-complacency about it. Google team continues to create and add other features. On 29th May 2013, Itamar Gilad as Product Manager of Gmail posted an announcement that Gmail team has added brand new feature for Gmail Inbox.

Gmail team knows that Gmail users get a lot of types email such as email from social notifications, promotions, deals or friends. A lot of emails in inbox can make it harder to find a specific email that we are looking for. That’s why; Gmail team came with one solution: A brand New Inbox.

What is A Brand New Inbox?

If you choose to update your inbox, you will use this brand feature and your emails will be automatically classified. The new inbox is able to classified your email into 5 tabs:

  • Primary tab is for emails from family, friends and co-workers and other messages that can’t be categorized to other tabs
  • Promotion tab is for emails about deals, offers and promotions
  • Social tab is a special tab for every email from social sharing, social network, games and other social website
  • Updates tab is for online statement, notification, bills and confirmation emails
  • Forums tab is special tab for email group, mailing lists and discussion boards

With this grouping, it will be very easy to look for some particular email. If you feel like shopping, you can check promotion tab; or you want to knows if you friend send you message, you only need to check primary tab. Another benefit is you can do mass-delete action. It will be much easier and simpler.

Other New Features

Besides brand new inbox, you can also find many new features such as:

  • Turn text chat into video call by synchronizing you Gmail with Google Hangout
  • Select your own Gmail theme to make your Gmail more personal and unique
  • Share files with your team or business partners with Drive storage which is easier and faster
  • Compose your new message while keeping an eye on your inbox or another message

All of these features are created for Gmail users because Gmail knows these are what Gmail users crave for.

Create a Gmail Account

In case if you still don’t have it, below are quick and easy steps to get Gmail account:

  • Go to Gmail website (mail.google.com)
  • Click “Create an Account” in right corner of the website
  • Fill the form with your name, username, password, birthday, gender and mobile phone number
  • Don’t forget to tick “Prove you’re not a Robot” so you can get phone verification which is more secure
  • Tick “I agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy”
  • Click “Next Step” to submit your form
  • If you fail to fill all of the necessary information, you will be redirect to the form page again
  • You will be brought to new page with verification box if you managed to  fill all necessary information
  • Look for text message (SMS) from Google to obtain your verification number
  • After you get the verification number, you have to input those number to the box

Now, you get your new Gmail account. Have fun to explore it. If you have questions about Gmail and online marketing, you can just fill the form on DGtraffic homepage or just call us at (021) 3190 8113. 

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