28 Feb

We all have already known about Google Analytics that is used to track visitor’s behavior. From the report of Google Analytics, you can see the increasing number of visitors come by using mobile. It is a new trend today utilizing mobile data as a marketing tool. Mobile market is very large and attractive. Everyone has known and wanted to use mobile market as their marketing place. Some business even launch special app for mobile that can help their consumers to find their store, promo or event faster.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics can not be used to track apps.  To complete Google Analytics, the Google team has introduced Mobile Apps Analytics. Benefits of Mobile Apps Analytics are :

  • Get insight which mobile devices used by most of your visitor that come to download your apps. By knowing it, you can optimize your website display to the mobile devices.
  • There is an engagement report inside Mobile Apps Analytics. This report can show you the “stickiness” of your apps, loyalty of users, how frequency they used it and the engagement status. By knowing this, you can improve your apps performance.

On 14th February 2013, Calvin Lee from Google Analytics Team has posted that Mobile Apps Analytics has been upgraded. Well, he says that the Google Analytics Team has reimagined and created new experience tailored. In the future, there will be more and more upgrade and improvement to make Mobile Apps Analytics become the most useful Google tools so it can help you to improve your engagement, apps and mobile website.

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