02 May

If you have a good website, products and services but nobody can find it, what is the point? You need to make your website visible to internet users. How to make your website visible to internet users? The answer is very simple; you only need to use SEO. SEO can increase your brand awareness and make your website to be easier found by internet users.

A good SEO can help you to increase the visibility of your website. But there is a problem; it is not easy to find a good SEO. A good SEO has to able to follow the changing of Google’s Algorithm. As we all know, Google is very fond of Google Search users’ experiences. To make sure Google Search users get the best user experience, Google decides to change its Algorithm as often as possible to clean SERP from spam content. A nickname for good SEO is White hat SEO.

White hat SEO is divided into two (2) parts, On and Off page optimizations. They are different but inter-related. Both of them must be optimized to achieve the best result. What are On and Off page optimizations?

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization focus to fix everything that can be done in your website (client website) to make your website more users friendly. Activities in On-page optimization stage are

  • The first thing we do, of course about keyword. We analyze and find keywords that are relevant with your website.
  • Create Title and Description based on keywords that have been chosen. Title and Description have to accordance with Google’s rules. Title and Description will be given to you in script so you can implement them in your website easier.
  • Analyze your website to give insight which parts of your website that must be improved and fixed.

Off-Page Optimization

After On-page is fixed, it is the time to move to Off-page optimization stage. This stage optimization is from outside of your website and done by SEO team like us, DGtraffic’s SEO team. What are SEO team’s activities for Off-page optimization stage? The main activity is Backlink Building.

For more information about On-page optimization, Off-page optimization and others things related to SEO; you can give us a call at (021) 3193 6552. DGtraffic is Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner that provides services for Google AdWords, SEO, Google Analytic, Social Media Optimization, YouTube Ads, Landing Page, Web Consultant and Development.  

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