28 Jan

Google+ is one of Google’s products that launch on June 2011. It is a special social media for networking. It is created by Google for people to build their networking. What can users of Google+ do? They can :

  • Build a circle for friends and family
  • Follow people that they think interesting
  • Share anything they like such as video, article, website link and photo
  • Choose the one (video, article, website link and photo) that they want to share
  • Have a conversation via hangout or comment box

To create an unforgettable experience in social media, Google team continually adds news features. The news features that have been added are :

Google+ Game

A social media will not be a fun place if there is no game. People like game. That is why Google+ has decided to launch Game feature on August 2011 after 2 month Google+ launched.  This game feature is located on the left tab. If user wants to play a new game, user must add the game so it can be included in the user’s game list. After the game has been in the list, user can play it anytime and anywhere using users’ Google+ account.

Google+ Hangout

After 1 week of Google+ game has launched, Google team comes up with a new and fun feature which is video chat. This video chat feature is named Google+ Hangout. Like its name, it is the place to hangout with your family and friend. Hangout can be used by 2-10 users in one time. To use it, users must add a plugin that has been prepared by Google team. In Google+ hangout, users can have a discussion, play a game together and add an effect for their video screen. Sound fun, doesn’t it?

Google+ Local

On 2012, Google team has launched another feature that is Google+ Local. What is Google+ Local? This feature is created to help Google+ users get place recommendation, share review and photo of their favorite place, get information for business and find review from other people about one place. When a Google user creates Google Place account, the account has been synchronized with Google+ Local. 

These 3 new features surely will make Google+ user have a fun experience in social media. In the future, there will be more and more features that will be added. For more information about Google+, you can give DGtraffic a call or just email us.  We will gladly help you.

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