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These are questions that most of people will ask before using our services. We hope it will help to answer all of your questions.

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Google AdWords (SEM)

What are benefits from SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?
  • The majority of people use Google as their primary Search Engine
  • Reach prospect buyers who really look for the products
  • The traffics are potential traffics
  • Impressions of the ads are free, You only need to pay when people click the ads.
  • The ads will appear on 1st page of Google search engine
  • Your image ads are bound to be appear on Google display networks
Can my business use SEM?

It depends on what field of your business. Google has strict policies for businesses that involve/related to drug, alcohol, tobacco, adult content, weapon (gun, rifle /sword), arbitrage, etc.

What are common bids that we prepare for you?
  • CPM / CPI (Cost Per Impression)
    It is also called as Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). It is a type of bid which allows you to pay when your ads appear 1000 (one thousand times) on Google.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
    It is also called as Cost Per Click (CPC). You only pay when people click on your ads.
What do I have to do before using SEM?

You must well optimize your website and its content to be user friendly and easily accessed for visitors. Don’t forget to put your contact info on your website.

How long does it takes to give me result?

It is different for each cases. It usually gives an instant result.

How much does SEM Cost?

The price is depended on several factors such as goal, location and competitor. For more information of the price, feel free to give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

How can I checked out if my ads has been active?

We’ll send you the screenshot of your ads that has been active on the internet.

What will happen if my budget runs out but it has not yet achieved the goal or number of clicks?

You do not need to worry because we will still run the ads until it achieve your goal even though the budget has already run out.

Does ad rank different from ad position?

Yes, ad rank is different from ad position. Rank is a score received because of it’s quality score and Max CPC while ads position is influenced by rank.

Is the cost for AdWords and Google Mobile Advertising comes in single package?

No, the cost for Google AdWords and Google Mobile Advertising are separated.

How much does the cost to launch Google Mobile Advertising?

For the price, you can give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

Why does my mobile ads doesn’t appear on the top page?

There are many reasons on why your mobile ads doesn’t appear on the top page. One of the following reasons can be happened to you :

  • Low bid (CPC bid)
  • Low quality score
What is CPC bid?

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) bid is amount of money that you want to pay for whenever an user clicks your ads.

What is quality score?

Quality is a factor that determines how much money you have to pay people that click your keyword targeted advertising. you will pay less if your quality score is high, and vice versa.

What is WAP mobile advertising?

WAP mobile advertising is ads that appears on WAP mobile websites. It can be text or image ads. It can be seen when mobile phone users use their mobile phone to browse on Google Search or Google Display Network.

Google Analytics

Do I have to use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics’ report can help you to improve your website from good to outstanding so the answer is definitely “YES”.

How can I start using Google Analytics account?

There are several steps to be followed :

  • You must click “Access Analytics” on Google Analytics website
  • Sign in with your Gmail
  • Click sign up
  • Fill all the form (website’s url = website address)
  • Start to use Google Analytics

If you feel it is difficult or you are busy, feel free to ask for our help.

Is there any difference between Google AdWords and Analytics tracking?


  • Tracks clicks (How many clicks occured per day)
  • Filters invalid clicks from reports
  • Able to read JavaScript, cookies or image that has been turned off


  • Tracks visits (How many unique people visit your website)
  • Reports the result of visit for your website
  • Can’t read JavaScript, cookies or image that has been turned off
Can I link My Analytics account to AdWords account?

Yes, you can but you must use same Google mail account for both of them.

How can I link Analytics account with AdWords account?

If you want to connecting Analytics & Google Adwords, you should follow these steps below:

  • Make an account in AdWords or sign in to your AdWords account
  • Click “My account”
  • Select “Account preferences”
  • In “Tracking” section, click “Edit”
  • Check the box for “Destination URL Auto-tagging”
  • Save it by clicking “Save changes”
How much does Google Analytics Cost?

For the cost, you can give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

Why do I have to use SEO?

The SEO process were able to optimize a certain website to appear on the 1st page of search engines. Thus, it can increase the flow of traffics into your website & support online marketing activity. Without SEO process, it will take time for the website to be read by search engines moreover to be appear on the 1st page on search engine.

Am I able to propose some keywords which related to my business?

Yes, you can. Basically, We will do a research based on your proposed keyword to decide whether they’re relevant or not before being optimized.

What are the differences of SEO and SEM (Google AdWords)?

Every method has its own plus and minus. The first noticeable difference is the duration of the optimization. SEO were built on long term process, thus it results won’t be visible on short term basis. Whereas SEM were built on short term process, thus it results were visible within a day since initial activation.
The second difference is the keywords used on the optimization process. The SEO process were only allowed to use 10 keywords only on the optimization process, while SEM were allowed to used dozens even hundreds of keywords if necessary. However website that has been optimized by SEO process will appear in search engine longer than SEM.

How long does it take to give me a result?

Every case has a different range of time. It usually takes time from 3 months until 1 years, depends on the age of the website, keyword, competitor, etc.

Why do my website doesn’t appear on the search engines page?

There are many reasons. One of the following reasons could be your issue:

  • SEO Unfriendly Website
    • Domain url naming isn’t SEO friendly
    • Structure of the website is not good enough
    • There are no page title
    • The content of website doesn’t compatible with the page title
  • Your website were using some scripts that prevent search engine to track your website or the content of it.
How much does SEO Cost Me?

The cost is adjusted with your keywords and competitors. For more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

Do I have any chance to increase my website’s rank with SEO?

Definitely Yes, but it takes time so be patient.

How could I know the improvement of my website’s rank?

A report of will be send to you periodically which consists of your website rank, position on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and social media.

What is landing page?

Landing page is a page that lets your potential customers to find out what he/she wanted and eventually engaged on certain business activities with you as product / service providers.

What are the factors which affect Landing page quality?

Some factors that affect Landing page quality are :

  • Usefulness of infofrmation
  • Relevance information
  • Navigation to the page
  • Load time
  • Link on the page
  • Etc.
Why do I have to use Landing Page Optimization?

Any Visitors on your website are going to make decision whether to stay or not within 2-3 seconds. To persuade them to stay, you need an attractive landing page. By optimizing your landing page, we can improve your landing page quality to attract great number of visitors.

Why do I have to improve Landing page quality?

By improving your landing page quality, you will get many benefits, such as:

  • Gain your consumer trust
  • Makes it easier to introduce new service or products to visitors
  • Makes it easier for visitors of your website to make a purchase or become a member
When are my quality score going to increase after optimizing my landing page?

It depends on the Google AdWords system. The AdWords system regularly visits and evaluates the landing page.

How much does Landing Page Optimization Cost?

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

What is web development?

Web development is an activity to develop a website based on your own needs. You are able to make custom made website to fit your own needs and allocation budget.

Why do I have to use DGtraffic’s services to build my own webpage?

We guarantee you that your website will be:

  • Easily indexed
  • Your website will be easily indexed by search engine, thus given a whole wider chance of your website to appear.
  • SEO friendly
  • Your website becomes SEO friendly so applying SEO will be easier.
Can I get free consultation?

Yes, absolutely you can. We are very glad to help you.

How much does Web Consultation and Development’s cost me?

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email but do not worry because we will give you the best price to fit your budget.

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