07 Jul

Do you know about Google I/O? Google I/O is a developer focused conference usually held in San Francisco, California. I/O from Google I/O stands for “Innovation in the Open” and “Input / Output”. People that want to participant have to spend money to buy its ticket. In this conference, Google Team will give announcements about their new features, gadget and technologies.  

In the Sixth Google I/O held on 15th –17th May 2013 at Moscone Center, San Francisco; Google Team give several updates. Below this are three important updates from the Sixth Google I/O which are associated with internet:

Google Map

Some update for Google Map:

  • Google Map will come with new feature that can give suggestion and relevant information to help its users to find places that they want. Not only that, there are also reviews with photos, star ratings and directions.
  • This Google Map will be integrated to Google Plus so you can see recommendations, reviews or ratings of your Google Pals about a place that you want to go. It also will be integrated to Google Earth so users can get the best 3D map.
  • There is new version Google Map for Desktop. This new version includes an improved image, service and interface. It can be said that Google Map Desktop users will get personalized experiences.

Google Play Music All Access

Google decides to launch another new music streaming service which is Google Play Music All Access. It offers unlimited songs that have been stored in Google Play library. It will cost you $9.99 per month. If you sign up before 30th June 2013, you only need to pay $7.99. There is a free 30-day trial period if you want to try this service without paying.

Google + (Google Plus)

Google+ is social media platform from Google .To increase user experience, Google has decided to add at least 41 new features for Stream, Photo and Hangouts sections in Google+. Several new features of Google+ are:

  • Stream section gets multi-column design which has been lived. If you don’t like the multi-column design, you still can go back to single-column design.
  • In photo section, there will be a new feature that allow user to create gifs and automatically combine pictures to create new one.
  • User will get FREE 15GB space for full size pictures and unlimited space for standard resolution images.
  • There a new messaging service for Hangouts section which has been available for Chrome, iOS and Android.
  • Now, users can start one on one or group conversations in Hangouts.

Besides these three main updates, there are more. Wonder what are other updates from the Sixth Google I/O?  Stay tune to see more updates from the Sixth Google I/O from DGtraffic.

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