17 Apr

In our previous article about “Your Web Get Hacked, Don’t Panic”, you have learned that there are 2 common ways how hackers made their way into your website. Now, Google is willing to give you 3 steps to find, fix and prevent hack for every web developer.

First Step: Find Hacked Content

When your website is being hacked, the first step you need to do is analyze your website. You must analyze the whole website to find out which content has been hacked. Without find out the content which has been hacked, you cannot fix the problem. But to analyze the whole website, it needs a lot of time.  To cut it short, below are 3 ways to find out hacked content on your website:

1. Look for Suspicious URL or Directory

By using “site: your website url” to search in Google, you can keep an eye for any suspicious url or directory which you may not recognize. Or you can use Google Alert to monitor your website. If there is any suspicious url or directory, the system automatically emails you some information or notification regarding the suspicious url.

2. Check Unnatural Queries with Google Webmaster

In Google Webmaster, there is ‘Search Queries’ page which can show you some queries that have returned URL to your website. Look for queries that you don’t recognize because it could be an indication of hacked content. Don’t be so quick to dismiss a query from different language because it may be a result of spam page.

3. Google Webmaster email

If you already have Google Webmaster account, Google Webmaster will send you an email which you can find it in “Message Center” page. Google Webmaster maybe could not detect all kinds of hacked attacks but at least if it knows, it will quickly notify you.

Second Step: Fix the Problem

“Security Issues” page in Google Webmaster will give you list of hacked contents / pages that Google has detected. In that page, you will also find more information how to fix the hacked website. With the information, you can ask your web developer to quickly fix your website.

Third Step:  Prevent the Hacking

It is better to prevent a website from being hacked rather than spend your precious time to find and fix it. All Web developers must remember that hackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities. Here are some tips from Google how to prevent hackers attack for web developer:

  • Make sure you always get the newest / up-to-date security software
  • Remember to update your security software every time
  • Choose a hosting provider that can be trust and has high security system
  • Don’t open any page or link that seems suspicious that sent to you via email

Hope these three steps from Google can help you and your web developer. For more information about hacked website and how to prevent it, you can contact DGtraffic’s web developer.

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