04 Dec

In Social Media Optimization, Facebook is one of many Platforms that can be used. For advertising on Facebook, you can use Facebook Page or Group. Actually you better choose the Facebook Page rather than Facebook group. There are 3 reasons why Facebook Page is better:

  • Facebook group does not let them to News Feed. By using Facebook Page, you can get direct access to the News Feed. You can put video, picture or others on Facebook Page to get the News Feed and feedback quickly.
  • Facebook page allows you to publish rich media content and allows you to interact freely with visitors. Those will attract visitors and increase the engagements.
  • Facebook page has its own analytics which will help you in analyzing your visitors. By see the tracking data of its analytics, you can change your Social Media Optimization Strategy to gain a better result.

These 3 reasons have shown that Face Page is Better. But it is all depend to your company’s KPIs. If you want to increase brand awareness and engagement, DGtraffic will suggest you to use Facebook Page. For more information, you can give us a call or just send an email so we can help by giving the best solution on Social Media Optimization.

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