14 Sep

Search ad is not only for direct response but it also has an effect on your brand. Don’t you believe that? Google Team has post an article entitled New Study: Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness.  In this article, Google Team has written down that they have learned from a new meta-study run By Google and Ipsos MediaCT in 2013.

They run 61 studies from automotive industry to retail. In each of these studies, there were 800 qualified consumers chosen to run simulated search for specific keywords.

How the study was done?

  • 800 qualified consumers were shown either a Control SERP without Search Ad and Test SERP created for the study, which had been put the test brand in the top Search Ad position.
  • They were asked to search by using specific keywords.
  • After that, they were asked to name which brand came first for each category keyword

The Result of the Study

Average of 14,8% in the Test Group named the test brand and average of 8,2% in Control Group named the same brand. From this result, it can be see that there is increasing of brand awareness which is average 6,6% point.

Now, all of us have learned that Search Ad also can increase brand awareness of a brand from this study which has been done by Google and Ipsos MediaCT. So if your client or partner asks what the benefit of Search Ad, you can say it can give direct respond to sales and increase brand awareness. 

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